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Soils to Satellites is a collaboration between the Atlas of Living Australia and the TERN Eco-Informatics team from the University of Adelaide.  The collaboration would not have been possible without the support and funding from ANDS. 

The team from the Atlas of Living Australia

Peter Doherty - Project Manager

Peter has been the Program Manager for the Atlas since 2009 and, after having started out as a programmer before moving on to infrastructure systems, has an extensive career in the delivery and management of IT projects.

Dave Martin - Software Architect

Dave has been working in biodiversity informatics for 6 years, and prior to this has worked on healthcare and banking systems. He started working for the Atlas in 2008. Prior to this, he worked for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) in Copenhagen. He has skills in GIS, databases (relational, nosql), Lucene, Java, Scala, Groovy/Grails.

Dave Baird - Software Developer

Dave is an experienced analyst/programmer and has been a software engineer for 18 years.  Dave has been able to quickly pull together a demonstration environment using services from NECTAR and is using web services from the Atlas and as supplied by the TERN team to create the base S2S portal.  Dave was a key developer in the Biolink project and has strengths in:
  • Java/Scala 
  • RDBMS - MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Ingres and SQLServer 
  • no SQL - Cassandra

Natasha Carter - Software Developer

Natasha has been working as a software engineer for 8 years.  She works for a small company that specialises in providing data integration solutions. She is experienced in the design and implementation of solutions using a variety of tools and technologies including:
  • Java/Scala 
  • RDBMS - MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Ingres and SQLServer 
  • no SQL - Cassandra 
Natasha has been involved in the ALA since December 2009 contributing to the data and service layers.

Nick dos Remedios - Software Developer

Nick has been with the Atlas of Living Australia since 2008 and has been working as a software developer since 1999. Prior to that he worked as immunologist/molecular biologist/bioinformatician. He has experience in the areas of airline logistics, patent informatics and biodiversity informatics. He often gets pigeon-holed as front-end developer and spends most of his time coding in Java, Groovy, Javascript and HTML/CSS. Favourite frameworks/APIs include Grails, Spring MVC and jQuery.

Miles Nicholls - Data Manager

With a background as a business analyst in data warehousing and business intelligence Miles has been working with the Atlas since late 2009 as Data Manager.  Miles has  qualifications in science (although never used in anger and frighteningly out of date) and information systems and thinks it's great that the ALA combines the two.  Miles' work with the ALA involves discussing data sharing, open access licensing, data schemas and formats with the owners of data and transforming data using whatever tool will do the best job at the time.

The team from TERN Eco-Informatics

Martin Pullan - Project Manager

Martin has been working in IT for over 15 years and has been the IT Project Manager with TERN Eco-informatics for 18 months with responsibility for the AEKOS, SHaRED and S2S projects. Prior to this role he worked as an IT Project Manager in the South Australian government developing software applications that supported environmental monitoring and NRM activities.

Casper Yeow - Business Analyst

Casper has had over 13 years consulting in the Information Management industry, with experience in numerous business domains, primarily as a Business Analyst. He specialises in the areas of requirements gathering and analysis, business rules elicitation and process improvement.

Ben Till - Senior Software Developer

Ben is an enterprise software developer with 12 years experience. He has worked on projects all around Australia in domains including geospatial, emergency services, finance, real estate, correctional services and mobile applications. Ben has specialised skills in complex data processing.

Gilli Atkinson

Gilli is a Java Architect and software developer with over a decade of experience working in a range of government and private enterprise environments. He has worked on complex projects across Australia as a contract developer.

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